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Modern kitchen in walnut and dark color cabinets
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Keycucine company

Founded in 1978, Keycucine is an Italian, family owned company based in Vicenza. It was one of the first in the furniture industry to bring the concept of made-to-measure, bespoke kitchens onto the market. The spirit that Keycucine wanted to convey, is marked by the most essential design, sensitive to environmental issues and inspired by a great variety of precious materials in an infinite range of volumes and compositions. Today Keycucine pays an artisanal attention to the production of every single project, a real contemporary tailor-made kitchen project conceived for customized architectures and attentive to the individuals who choose them.

Tailor-made kitchens

We look at the world from a new perspective. We intercept the best contemporary furniture trends and reinterpret them with new languages and materials combinations. This is the key that we use to create unique and custom-made furniture for your residential and interior projects. All or products and materials are Made in Italy. In Keycucine architects and interior designers express their creativity at its finest. Keycucine, where design becomes identity.

Endless materials & colors

We are all aware of the potential of beautiful kitchen materials. At Keycucine we explore and reinterpret their role and aesthetic function. In this way we are able to experiment with new combinations capable of enhancing the modern furniture and design trends, and transform them into refined and timeless objects. With the finest finishings we can shape your own space.

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Kitchen interior accessories and organizer

Keycucine | Detail of a kitchen island.

Modern kitchen in walnut and dark color cabinets

Bespoke kitchen design

: all of Keycucine's made-to-measure kitchens are the result of visual, tactile and emotional research. We explore the potential that new materials express, suggesting original and unique combinations of styles, colors and finishes. We do this trying to get ahead of the times, in order to give life to new trends that could give a profound, a deep mark in the world of interior design. Keycucine by Emptystudio are exclusively available for architects & interior designers, trade and professionals. Details, praise of the particular: every Keycucine project is unique. Literally. Lifestyles change, needs change, aesthetic tastes change from person to person, and even details change. Small attentions in which we study originality, to mark the difference between a kitchen and your own kitchen. Keycucine in the USA: thanks to Emptystudio's team and vetted network of professionals in the United States; with 30+ years of experience and projects completed in the USA, we are able to fully support and guarantee the best kitchen design services across the United States, including major cities as New York, Chicago, Boston and more.