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Cea | Kitchen catalogue.

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Cea | Ariachiara fan catalogue.

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Designer bathtub faucet satin steel by Ceadesign Usa

Premium quality taps and faucets

CEA (Centro Energie Alternative) invests its know-how in the research and development of technological solutions and premium quality fixtures for project design. The origins of its expertise trace back to its experiences in the plumbing and installation planning fields, combining technical know-how and architectural demands for fitted kitchens and bathroom vanities residential renovations and new developments. The internal research into the product and its peculiarities is careful and aims at supporting the construction work, through simplification, rapid installation and guaranteed operation. Several industrial and utility patents enable a flexible approach to planning and reduce the time of construction.

Wellness products culture

Ceadesign deals with real experiences to enhance a culture of product and share it for the development of new aware project ideas. The themes of technological innovation, sustainability and aesthetic are the founding elements of the research set with universities and training events organized with architect studios and retailers worldwide.

Taps and faucets with timeless design

Simple and linear geometries demonstrate a deep knowledge of design and can dialogue with architecture beyond time. With CEA collections, architects and designers get a total freedom of style and product combination, which gives wide space to ideas and shape to their realization.

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3 hole wall-mounted stainless steel washbasin tap Lutezia 02 by Ceadesign

Cea, Letizia Bronze collection | Wall mounted dual handle mixer and spout.

Washbasin mixer tap Giotto 21 by Ceadesign

Cea, Giotto Light Gold collection | Single handle mixer and spout.

Wall mounted dual handle mixer Ziqq 02 by Ceadesign

Cea, Ziqq Diamond Black collection | Wall mounted dual handle mixer with spout.

Bathroom shower head Fre 41 by Ceadesign, black color

Cea, Freedom shower collection | Adjustable shower head with Delrin® end and rain jet.

Outdoor shower Bold 05 by Ceadesign

Cea, Bold outdoor collection | Free-standing outdoor shower in stainless steel.

Modern ceiling fan Arc 01 by Ceadesign

Cea, Ariachiara fan collection | Ceiling fan in stainless steel, with wood and carbon fiber blades.

Equilibrio sleek towel warmer Eqb 22 by Ceadesign

Cea, Equilibrio collection | Towel warmers system made of stainless steel.

New collection Giotto Plus Gio 82 by Ceadesign

Cea, Giotto Plus collection | Wall mounted mixer set for bathtub and shower.

Contemporary Shower fixtures Fre 120 by Ceadesign

Cea, Free collection | Built-in shower with custom jets.

Ceadesign available in the USA

: the CEA collections are available in the USA, through a selected network of retailers and wholesales. Buy and inquire online for Cea taps and Cea bathroom. Wholesale price list and trade discounts are extended to our clients and professionals through Cea New York and Cea Miami. Cea collection of taps expresses a strong attitude for functional technology and product re-interpretation. Thanks to CEA’s expertise gained on construction sites and via the continuous research for new materials, operation systems, hydraulic technologies and manufacturing techniques, the company has registered several industrial and utility patents. The CEA built-in parts ensure fast and easy installation, precision, and a reduction of time on the construction site. The use of alternative materials ensure the CEA collections are original and creative.

Fixtures for kitchen and bathrooms

: Free is a concept developed by CEA to ensure the maximum freedom of composition for the designer. A wide range of CEA products are transversal as their use extends to all product collections, including: kitchen faucets, bathroom vanity taps and mixers, bathroom showers and mixers, bathroom fittings, electric towel warmers, toilet paper holder, bathroom accessories and complements. As a consequence, each collection is enriched with a wider range of possible compositions.

Passion for design and stainless steel

: CEA chooses AISI 316/L stainless steel to shape its own ideas. Cold working and the use of CNC machines are synonymous of precision and technological evolution of CEA products. AISI 316/L stainless steel is a guarantee of quality and sustainability and is widely considered an ecological material if mechanically manufactured. An inert material that does not release toxic or harmful substances, the stainless steel combines the high level of hygiene, understood as antibacterial efficacy, with the resistance to corrosion thanks to the self-protective film that protects it when in contact with air. CEA adopts handmade finishes for its collections obtained by smoothing, polishing and brushing. The wisdom and experience of CEA’s craftsmanship ensures a quality production.

Fixtures with special finishes

: exclusive CEA black finish for stainless steel resulting from a deposition process through evaporation. It emphasizes the natural qualities of the material, highlighting the satin or polished finish. A biocompatible film based on graphite and diamond powder, increases the gloss and the hardness of the surface. The result is an extraordinary resistance to acid, basic solutions and solvents, safety from nicks and scratches, self-lubrication against water lime scales. Stainless steel finish that emphasize the natural qualities of the material, highlighting the satin or polished treatments. Resulting from a deposition process through evaporation, it guarantees the hardness and the gloss through a biocompatible film that coats the steel surface.

Taps and faucets with wood details

: oak, Burma teak, American walnut and Wenge are the four exclusive wood options that CEA selected for the trim parts of GIOTTO, ZIQQ and BAR collections. The Steel and Wood combination continues to characterize the design experience of the company and further confirms environmental awareness as being the connective thread of the entire production. Mature solid wood, sourced from certified forests, is treated with patented water-based and solvent-free varnishes. Similarly to stainless steel, the wood also stands out for its hardness, together with an excellent degree of stability in the presence of humidity or extreme temperatures and resistance to acidic and saline solutions. These characteristics also make our products ideal for the marine environment.