The new 2024 kitchen catalogue by Meson's

Meson's | M2 kitchens collection, 2024.

Latest kitchen trends and finishes catalogue download

Meson's | Kitchen portraits, 2023.

Meson's contemporary kitchen collection catalogue download

Meson's | Slim kitchens collection, 2023.

Designer kitchen collection catalogue download

Meson's | Trim aluminum kitchens collection, 2023.

Catalogue of new kitchen materials and kitchen colors

Meson's | New materials and colors.

Refined contemporary kitchen collection catalogue download

Meson's | M2 kitchens collection, 2021.

Italian design contemporary kitchen collection catalogue download

Meson's | M2 kitchens collection, 2019.

New kitchens materials and finishings catalogue download

Meson's | M6 kitchens collection, 2020.

Kitchen specs and technical book download

Meson's | M_tech manual book (available upon request).

modern european kitchen design

Meson's | Contemporary white kitchen cabinetry.

grey color kitchen and storage

Meson's | Minimal grey tall cabinetry.

Modern linear kitchen in walnut

Meson's | Modern kitchen in walnut.

white kitchen cabinets by Emptystudio

Meson's | White kitchen with large pantry.

Brushed aluminum kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets in grey color and wood table

Kitchen cabinets by Meson's

Founded in 1964 and belonging to the Zanussi Group for several years, the Meson’s brand has been owned by the Piovesana family since the mid-1980s. In the management of organizational, productive and marketing activities, the owner, Gabriele Piovesana, is supported by his sons Loris, Maurizio and Stefano.

Meson's logo

His name was Bob Noorda. Dutch by birth and Milanese by adoption, he was the creator of the Meson’s logo. In his idea of name and logo there is already a synthesis of United Europe. Bob Noorda was a Dutch-born Italian graphic designer who lived and worked primarily in Milan from 1954 onwards. His works included design projects for major corporations and large-scale retail chains, publishing houses as well as public works such as the NYC and Milan subway sign and image systems, colorful posters for Pirelli and renowned logos for Eni, Coop, Feltrinelli, Mondadori and many more.

Kitchens with custom designs

An industry and a family with a passion for quality and beauty. At Meson’s we have been manufacturing quality kitchens for over 50 years. We do it with passion and creativity, listening and researching, because we believe that innovation walks many roads. We select and offer materials that are suited for the quality of your projects, harmonious in their shapes and proportions, because we believe that living in harmony and surrounded by beauty makes us better people. Emptystudio's main audience are architects and interior designers, and custom designs are usually overseen in every details. A wide range of exclusive materials & European finishes are available for home furniture and residential millwork.

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High gloss lacquer italian kitchen cabinets

Meson's | Backsplash storage system.

Concealed kitchette design

Modern Italian design company

: every aspect of the production of a Meson’s kitchen follows a code of ethics that reflects the philosophy of the people behind it. The result is a total devotion to satisfy the final user in every aspects and to ensure a virtuous use of the planet’s resources. This general approach has led to achieve all certifications from the main certification agencies. Among the certifications obtained by the company: - FSC® certification for kitchen cabinets, which guarantees the traceability of the wood and its origin from responsibly managed forests, issued by the Forest Stewardship Council®, an organization whose members include groups such as Greenpeace and WWF, indigenous communities, researchers and other entities involved in the deforestation issue; - CARB2 certification, which guarantees compliance with formaldehyde emission limits required by the California Air Resources Board;- ISO 9001:2015 quality standards for the design, manufacture and marketing of furniture and furnishings. Meson’s also uses V100 panels characterized by the highest level of water repellency and moisture resistance.

Made in Italy production

: Meson’s became part of the San Giacomo Group in 1987 and it can now rely on the consolidated strength of one of the leading companies in the furniture industry. Excellent quality standards, a production facility extended over 70,000 square meters and cutting-edge technologies are the key features of the group led by Gabrielle Piovesana together with her sons Maurizio, Loris and Stefano.

Best price/quality kitchens

: competitive: perfect balance between quality and price. The objective pursued and achieved by the company is to offer to the market high quality kitchens at a fair and competitive price.

6 years warranty

: available on cabinets, hardware and finished products.

Kitchens for your home

: Meson’s cabinetry systems and collections are conceived to offer the option of customizing each project with elements of uniqueness and modularity beyond the industry standards. Among our newest kitchen collections, we highlight:

  • Linea,
  • Goccia
  • and Profili

. New suggestions, new colors and materials combinations. The M2 collection is design, innovation, technology and Italian style in a mix able to interpret every type of living need with a refined personality and an architectural style based on balance.

Profili collection: high technology in a contemporary style. The feature of the Profili door style offers the option to characterize the kitchen with various aesthetic combinations in a perfect mix of elegance and technology.