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Designer handles and architectural hardware

A story of quality, experience and design. Dnd has become an international benchmark for producing quality, design-oriented handles. The story of Dnd began more than fifty years ago, in 1968, from an ancient and strong commitment to craftsmanship and industry, deeply rooted in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. This is an area with a centuries-old knowledge of materials, particularly in the steel industry, one of the most important in Europe. Over time, the company has evolved, focusing on the development and increase of production, renewing its production processes and specializing in the processing and finishing of new and different metals for handle production, such as zamak and aluminium, in addition to brass. Today, Dnd is managed by Vilma Martinelli, together with her son Pietro and daughter Simona: they see Dnd as a workshop for ideas, able to combine the long experience of manufacturing gained over time with the creativity of experienced and respected architects and designers, who are duly involved in designing the products.

Designers and architects

Since 2017, Dnd has appointed Giulio Iacchetti as Art Director: a very talented industrial designer involved in the development of the catalogue, the strategy, the selection of designers and consultants to be involved. An important task, thanks to which Dnd intends to continue its growth path with the utmost care and attention, making it increasingly present in the world of interior design. Dnd constantly seeks to involve prestigious designers in the creation of new door handles. To focus attention on the world of design, to carefully expand the range of products in order to best meet the needs of contemporary interior design. Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Park Associati and Giulio Iacchetti have designed new handles that clearly reflect in-depth research and the pursuit of design quality: objects created thanks to Dnd's experience and manufacturing expertise. In order to create handles that highlight research and design quality, Dnd is committed to working with talented designers on an international scale. With continuity and care, together with the Artistic Director, the designers are selected and entrusted with projects to enrich the Dnd collections: voices from the best world of design, close to contemporary living.

Made in Italy with care

The production of quality handles, entirely Made in Italy: a strategic choice that has been made for many years, based on the values of the Italian corporate culture and the deep ties that Dnd has with its district, Valle Sabbia. Dnd is Made in Italy with the pride of creating products thanks to the knowledge, research, style and care that small objects such as handles require. The excellence and value of Italian design has always been based on the fact that it is developed, worked, finished and tested in Italy: important steps to ensure quality products. From creativity to materials, from design to manufacturing, from production to finishing, handles are always made in Italy and of Italy. Made to enter into the most beautiful and appealing homes, to enhance outstanding works of architecture, to offer an optimal response to the needs of customization in the contract sector, all over the world.

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Dnd | Due by Stefano Boeri in satin graphite finish.

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Dnd | Zeppelin handle collection in green OVE finish.

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Dnd | (IN)finito handle by Alfonso Femia in matte black finish.

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Dnd | Anik Line handle collection in polished nickel.

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Dnd | Due by Stefano Boeri in power satin chrome finish.

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Dnd | Pluris handle collection in matte black finish.

Dnd handles, your contact for the USA market

: the Dnd handles collections and door hardware are available in the USA at Emptystudio New York, your first destination for a curated selection of furniture and accessories made in Italy. Our office represents and works with the most renewed and exclusive manufacturers in Italy. Before introducing these brands to the US market, we go through a rigorous process of quality control, testing their products, the level of customization, the selection of materials and finishes they have available and their responsiveness in getting answers. We look at the after-sales service, which must be exceptional. We check how fast their manufacturing process is, because we know that lead time is of the essence, and finally we check how the goods are packed and shipped. Emptystudio offers an exceptional technical design service to contractors, architects, designers, project managers including overseas import, distribution and sales of products. Buy and inquire online for Dnd handles including collections by Stefano Boeri, Karim Rashid, Luca Nichetto, Park Associati and many more. Wholesale price list and trade discounts are extended to our clients and professionals through Dnd handles USA in New York. Call us at 646-786-0005 or email us.

Interior door handles

: Dnd products offer fine Italian handles for international projects, contributing to valuable environments in diverse trends of interior architecture worldwide. Dnd's research and experience allow the use of high-quality manufacturing and finishing technologies, including forte® PVD coating, antibacterial technology, and special manual processing. The designers who collaborate with Dnd Creative Forge have developed an increasing number of products through a strategic and productive growth process. These designers, both young and experienced, challenge themselves with interest and involvement in the study and development of handles, using different languages. Dnd aims to broaden its horizons and welcome new ideas and challenges. Dnd has opted to work with quality, an intrinsic value of good design. Dnd has prioritized quality, an intrinsic value of good design, which is applied to all aspects of the company's processes and expressions. This includes corporate identity, handle design, production, communication, and product display. This choice is a cultural factor and a path that has led to important recognition from the world of design. Dnd challenges itself with commitment and positive dynamism to evolve and grow.

Anik, door handle collection

: the precise composition of a cylinder and half cylinder creates a sturdy and sophisticated door handle. Its front surface is suitable for various types of processing. Anik is available in three versions. The Brilliant version of the Anik handle is enhanced by a unique feature: a diamond-shaped decoration on the front surface, which is a delicate and elegant pattern. The Anik handle's Line Series features subtle grooves that add movement to the front of the object and highlight the brass material it is made of.

Lava, handles by Park Associati

: the concept of a lever is expressed purely, evoking the world of mechanics and its tools. The material is cleanly cut on the front, which harmonizes with the rounded and welcoming inner part. In the Mirror model, the Leva handle has a unique double finish: the front of the object is polished, while the body is satin, in the same shade.

Unico, minimal handle rose

: Unico is a new door hardware system designed by Dnd that minimizes the visual impact of the rose on the handle, enhancing its design. This technical and aesthetic solution is ideal for contemporary interiors. The rose measures only 30 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness, making it hardly visible. The system is easy to install and requires a 22 mm hole to be drilled in the door.

(IN)finito, door handle collection

: it is like a two-dimensional line that starts at the edges of the door, draws the handle, and continues towards the other side, moving upward in the opposite direction. A handle opens more than just one door. The gesture of opening or closing a door should be described as part of an emotion in everyday life. The material and empathic qualities of "Soligram" are evident. The handle of a door has an invisible thread that unconsciously guides us into or out of a room. This thread is created by the handle and is suspended between two moments. It extends from the borders of the door and forms the handle, then continues in the imagination towards the other side, upwards, and in another direction. It is a line that could host or sum up words, memories, dreams, emotions. The relationship between the surface of a door and its thickness thus becomes similar to a movement that is designed on that surface like a materic, empathic "Soligram".

Timeless designer handles

: the handles they produce are the result of care, attention, and passion. Dnd puts its manufacturing expertise at the service of brilliant creativity. They collaborate with outstanding designers to develop modern and contemporary door handles collections that enrich the world of design and fully satisfy the needs of timeless design.