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Quadro | Bathroom fixtures catalogue.

Quadro kitchen faucets catalogue download

Quadro | Kitchen faucets catalogue.

Quadro design Modo modern faucet

Quadro | Modo collection, two-hole mixer 17 31.

Modern bathroom mixer in satin steel

Quadro | Q collection, wall mounted mixer 18 10.

Deck mounted bathroom mixer

Quadro | Stereo collection, washbasin mixer 16 01.

Bathtub faucet with sprayer

Quadro | Valvola01 collection, wall mounted bathtub mixer 19 69.

Modern bathtub shower combo

Quadro design taps

Quadro is a bathroom, kitchen and water purification tap company. The company is now run by Elena and Enrico Magistro, the second generation of a family that has been designing and manufacturing taps and kitchen & bathroom fixtures since 1978 in San Maurizio d'Opaglio in the Novara province. This family dimension, along with the dynamism of the young managers, makes the company more flexible than large groups or more structured companies. AISI316L stainless steel is the primary material that Quadro design uses to manufacture bathroom fixtures. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, completely recyclable, hygienic, non-toxic and suitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, Quadro design taps are made partly of stainless steel and partly of certified, de-leaded brass. These materials ensure that Quadro Design products will last for many years, with a five-year warranty for the internal cartridge. In addition, every Quadro product complies with the strictest international safety regulations and certifications.

Water purification system

Registered with a "utility patent" on April 29, 1999, the Idealaqua purification system was invented by Carmelo Magistro - founder of Rubinetterie Magistro, the company from which Quadro descends. The device transforms the kitchen mixer into a limitless and economical source of filtered water by combining two functions in a single body. It is possible to turn the supply of purified and potable water on or off by using a diverter. The easy-to-install, space-saving Idealaqua spout is available in various models and heights that can be freely combined.

Modern style fixtures and fittings

Sustainable products must be purposive. The modern style and the timeless archetypal design of Hans Thyge Raunkjaer, Studio Adolini and Luca Papini includes their useful, intuitively, operable functions and the quality of enduring materials.

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Wall mounted faucet vanity

Quadro | Q collection, wall mounted mixer 18 11 V.

Wall mounted bathroom mixer

Quadro | Stereo collection, wall mounted mixer 16 63.

wall mounted shower mixer valve

Quadro | HB collection, wall mounted shower fixture 15 68.

Quadro design Valvola faucet

: all the charm of the industrial taps with the typical hydraulic and gas ball valves are the inspiration for a synthetic and highly modern formal reinterpretation. Valvola01 - manufactured in AISI316L stainless steel - is designed by Studio Adolini in the name of maximum flexibility for a free combination of elements adaptable to any context and need, main feature of all Quadro design collections. A single built- in system that allows the user to combine it with different supply elements, thus determining the various formal solutions according to a broad typological program.

Design fixtures and sustainability

: in our design and development process, the ecological impact is always taken into consideration in addition to design, function and economics. For this is where the most important factors are already determined that set the course for the selection of materials, the manufacturing process, options for assembly, logistics and transport, reparability and return to the materials cycle. This overview shows the key aspects for the entire product life cycle that are currently applicable to Quadro. The use of a noble raw material such as stainless steel aisi304 and aisi316L, the flow regulators aerators Perlator® honeycomb, carton neutral packages are some of the various product components that guarantee the respect of the environment in which we all live in.

Quality faucets and taps.

  • Bathroom fixtures certifications.
  • Fixtures aesthetics and design.
  • Taps with high-quality materials

Quadro bathroom fixtures and modern style faucets are certified according to main internationally relevant testing and inspecting standards regarding product safety and functional integrity. Sustainable products must be purposive. High-quality recyclable materials are preferred as more durable and environment-friendly, and all are subject to stringent quality controls.