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Varaschin catalogue download

Varaschin | Outdoor Therapy catalogue 2022.

Varaschin outdoor furniture catalogue download

Varaschin | Outdoor furniture catalogue 2021.

Varaschin residential projects catalogue download

Varaschin | Worldwide projects 2022.

Babylon sofa by Varaschin

Outdoor furniture by Varaschin

Varaschin is an Italian company that manufactures outdoor furniture, pergolas and umbrellas. At Varaschin design meets craftsmanship to create unique spaces by the pool, in the garden, on the veranda, on the terrace, by the sea, or in the mountains. Today, the company exports its products to seventy countries around the world. Customers appreciate the high-quality, the award-winning design and how Varaschin products fit so naturally into any environment. The company's love for the outdoors is expressed convincingly in a section on the company website dedicated to well being Therapy, representing sports and activities as parts of a healthy lifestyle. After the early years spent in the definition of its philosophy, the brand features some of the most renowned international designers to create unique and beautiful furniture pieces like Bento, the modular fabric sofa designed by the Calvi Brambilla duo. The solid wood structure, padded with Dryfeel® rubber, is inviting, modular, customizable for any space, and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of comfortable and relaxing positions.

Award winning furniture design

We have been making exterior furniture and accessories since 1969. Our expertise is based on a deep knowledge of craftsmanship, and is at the origin of our manufacturing skill. Our design stems from a constant comparison with the most evolved stylistic scenarios. Varaschin brand is deeply rooted in contemporary design and lifestyle. The result and the quality of our work can be and must be admired and touched by hand, in person. Our products stand out both for the ability to perfectly combine form and function while maintaining exceptional comfort. At the center of our products there is a meticulous attention for the detail, a great value that reflects the uncompromising quality of our outdoor furniture collections.

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Varaschin sun lounger New York

In this photo: recliner sun lounger.

Tibidabo collection by Varaschin. Discover more exclusive collections of weather resistant loveseat, patio furniture. Residential furnishings by Varaschin are available at Emptystudio's offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, California, Arizona, Florida. Looking for modern outdoor furniture near New York and Miami? Call us or contact us for a free estimate. High-end, quality outdoor furniture and accessories, including

Tibidabo outdoor pool night view

Varaschin | Tibidabo sunbed.

Great furniture designers, best modern furniture

: the distinctive sign of our approach is that drawn with the pencil of the best Italian and international design, to whose exponents we entrust the task of transforming the Varaschin philosophy, summarized in the concept of Outdoor Therapy, into elements and furnishing accessories that, through an original and elegant essentiality, skillfully harmonizing the exteriors with the interiors, they give everyday life a note of exceptionality.

Good design for the well-being

: we want to make it easier for people to live well in an outdoor environment. A lifestyle that makes it possible to be relaxed, peaceful and achieve an optimal psychological and physical well-being. A good outdoor quality means great outdoor furniture.

Brand new outdoor furniture

: Varaschin is worldwide leader and benchmark for high-end and quality outdoor furniture. We inspire people to live in outdoor residential spaces that are as close to nature as possible. This ensures a high level of comfort, well-being and conviviality. We our outdoor sofas, outdoor table, and outdoor furniture you can start a brand new, modern, naturally lifestyle.

Emptystudio full-service interior furnishings

: Prof Office with its renewed office furnishings and Emptystudio work together to offer the best quality products to consumers and professionals. Emptystudio offer a high-end interior design full-service in New York and Miami. Our portfolio includes a curated selections of the best Italian design products and brands, including