Erba Mobili walk-in closets catalogue download

Erba | Walk-in closets catalogue.

Modern closet with glass doors

Erba | Glass fronts closet with wooden interiors.

Dressing table for modern walk-in closet

Erba | Walk-in closet with dressing table.

Designer walk-in closets New York

Italian design walk-in closets

Erba closets and walk-in closets feature: design flexibility, large selection of modularity and endless customizations. Modern and stylish aesthetics, high-quality materials and manufacturing process are the keys to the success of Erba Mobili. A family owned company from the Milano - Brianza area, synonymous of closets with the highest quality and cool design. Well-established industrial player, funded in the 1952, and since then, specialized in the production of artisanal furniture.

Italian closets by Erba Mobili

Choosing Erba Mobili closets means to entrust an entirely Made in Italy company. Erba Mobili systems grant the maximum freedom in the design thanks to the expert advise of a dedicated customer service who helps the customer through the whole purchasing process. Design means total functionality for customers. Clean and modern design that reflects innovation and identity. All our product are always imagined and manufactured on practical needs.

Custom made furnishings

Our night-furniture collections now also includes the new open-closet system, the new Brera 3415: an exclusive project designed to create closet solutions with maximum flexibility of composition. Always custom-made in height and width, our products guarantee the maximum degree of customization, thanks to a wide range of equipment and the possibility of alternating open compartments to storage units with hinged closing mechanism provided by Erba Mobili storage accessories. Thanks to our partnership with Emptystudio, our products can find a perfect match for the rest of your home. Emptystudio designs and offers Italian kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, grey limestone wall-tiles and bathroom shower systems and mixers for multi-unit residential projects in New York and Miami, both condo and rentals.

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Modern dresser for walk-in closet

Erba | Walk-in closet dresser island.

Designer walk-in closets in New York
Contampory walk-in closets in New York

Erba | Wardrobe with fabric covering.

Custom walk-in closets New York

Erba | Custom walk-in closet and wardrobe design.

Erba Mobili walk-in closets New York

Erba | Walk-in closet with fluted glass-door design.

Erba Mobili designed for the USA

: one of the unique features about Erba Mobili is our strong ties to the world of design and the USA market. Throughout the history of our company, we’ve teamed up with leading furniture designers, combining our production expertise with their talent to great effect. Featuring award-winning Made in Italy furniture designs and must-have modern walk-in closets engineered by leading Italian furniture brands. Italian furniture that features a flexible pricing structures and custom, contemporary design. Emptystudio and Erba Mobili will create a functional and beautiful space, developed through strict quality standards and manufactured with durable materials, that ensures quality and style for years to come.

Closet designers in New York and Miami

: one of Erba Mobili's biggest strengths is our bespoke service. For every project we work on, clients will find us to be an experienced partner which provides a technical team that can interpret their vision and accommodate all the aesthetic and practical requirements. Every project is unique, Emptystudio helps his customer through a full-service design in New York, Miami, East Coast and West Coast. Emptystudio's showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Chelsea, New York City. Come experience our display of furnishings for your home, where you will be inspired by the styling's of visionary designers. Let us welcome you into our contemporary galleria, where our expert interior designers are ready to help you choose the right modern walk-in closets that suits your style and taste. The experience we’ve built up over the years enables us to map out a clear project roadmap, complete with timings and full costings, to enable clients to produce a feasibility study for the project as a whole - not just for the supply of furniture and accessories but for structural layouts too. Our after-sale service is another big plus, maintaining continuity and making sure that products remain available to clients. And of course, we're always ready to plan additional custom activities to bring a project up to date. For more information about modern and contemporary walk-in closets in New York City, call Emptystudio at (646) 786-0005.

Emptystudio full-service interior furnishings

: Ex.t and Emptystudio work together to offer the best quality products to consumers and professionals. Emptystudio offer a high-end interior design full-service in New York and Miami. Our portfolio includes a curated selections of the best Italian design products and brands, such as:

Furnishings for your home

: specializing in bespoke modular systems for both living-room and night areas, Erba Mobili has drawn on its deep technical expertise to reinvent itself many times throughout its existence, building up a comprehensive home range that includes seats, soft furniture, tables, storage, beds and accessories as well as its trademark systems. In recent years, Erba Mobili has become synonymous with a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle vision. Erba Mobili is all about subtle, understated design, reflecting a lifestyle free from stress and excesses.