Oikos doors catalogue download

Oikos | Catalogue 2021-2022.

Oikos Nova entry door catalogue download

Oikos Nova | Pivot entrance door catalogue.

Natural stone cladded doors catalogue download

Oikos | Stone cladded entrance door catalogue.

Oikos Tekno entry door catalogue download

Oikos Tekno | Entrance door catalogue.

Oikos entry door in glass

Oikos entrance door, Tekno Wood.

Oikos entry door in wood

Oikos entrance door, Tekno Glass.

Oikos entry door in steel and porcelain

Entry doors by Oikos

Oikos Venezia is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing security doors and entrance solutions for over 30 years. The brand's identity, driven by values of safety, design and the Made in Italy mission, is reflected in tailor-made entry doors collections that combine the highest workmanship with an elegant and distinctive style. Oikos' products are fabricated exclusively at its factory in Italy, 20 miles from Venice. The company's target is primarily the interior design sector. The windows and doors developed, designed and tested by the Venetian company have demonstrated material and technical reliability, sustained by constant aesthetic research and the innovative study of new lines, styles and finishes for doors, entry doors and French windows.

Security doors and modern design

Oikos was founded in 1990. The company's mission is symbolized by its name, Oikos, from the Greek meaning "home" but also "family". The domestic dimension, along with the idea of protection and care, is the most essential reference for the company's conceptual and technological approach. Oikos is a leading advocate of Made in Italy in home design. The brand's artisanal spirit is reflected not only in the products themselves but also in its manufacturing processes, entirely managed in the Gruaro factory, which opened in 1997. In the early 2000s, the brand consolidated its image as a reliable and innovative company first with ISO 9001 certification (2001) then with ISO 14001 (2004). Over the following years, Oikos launched a series of important new safety products in the window and door sector. The Synua collection was designed in 2005, followed the next year by the Synua Wall, an integrated security door-wall system. Then, in 2007, after collaborating with designers Adriani & Rossi, the Tekno armored door collection was introduced, and in the next two years, the Evolution and Vela entry doors were launched as well. The success of Oikos Venezia was consecrated by several prestigious international awards such as the Compasso D'Oro ADI 2011 Honourable Mention for Synua Vela. Over the years, the company has participated in numerous exhibitions and conferences around the world. Oikos' global presence has also been reinforced with the opening of new stores and offices worldwide. In 2015, the Dubai, Miami and New York offices opened. Emptystudio offers high-end interior design full-service in New York and Miami. Our portfolio includes entry armored doors, bespoke kitchens, Cea faucets and contemporary furnishings for consumers, architects and general contractors.

High-security exterior doors

Oikos Venezia provides solutions for security entrances, interior passages and garages. The products lines cover all trends in the interior design sector. Windows and doors for classical and more traditional spaces, modern designs requiring a minimalist approach, doors and windows with refined and bold aesthetics. Oikos blends perfectly with Emptystudio's curated selection of outdoor furniture and residential millwork. Oikos creations mix the highest technical and functional standards with avant-garde and stylish design. The core business of the Veneto company is armored and security doors, entrance doors and interior doors in a variety of designs and materials like wood, marble, metal, glass and ceramics.

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Custom design exterior doors

: Oikos Venezia firmly believes in the artisanal approach to managing production. This allows the company to develop tailor-made solutions for every project, even for designs outside mass-market standards. This approach, typical of the studio artist, merges with a perfectly disciplined industrial structure and it is applied with modern, smart and strong visual identities, respecting the culture of Venetian history and art. The company's innovative vitality is embodied by an over 30+ years journey during which Oikos Venezia has developed some of the most important hinge patents. The Project collection includes exterior front doors with thermal break frames first produced in 2015; the Nova line presented the first fully glazed armored door in 2017.

High-quality armored doors

: Nova is our latest exterior door collection with highest quality achieved by Oikos. Available with Arckey automatic lock with fingerprint reader opening mechanism.‎ The pivot safety door that allows creating fully glass windows in any size.‎ Nova is the pivoting door with glass elements that allows new design possibilities in the entrance area: the close connection between the interior and exterior environment continues, taking the view beyond the threshold and bringing the landscape inside.‎ Intrinsic meanings, aesthetic possibilities and technical features do coexist in a door that is launched on the market as a sensational revolution, capable of creating innovative scenarios in contemporary architecture.‎ Pivoting door with glass elements featuring:

  • - Freedom of measurement up to 3200x6200mm (other sizes on request)
  • - Heat barrier frame and leaf
  • - Motorized electronic lock with integrated Arckey system, access control on request
  • Automatic opening with floor motor for doors weighing up to 560 kg on request.

Entry doors in natural marble

: The entrance area is interpreted as an integral part of an architecture and its surrounding environment. According to Oikos this concept translates into the words “entrance architectures”. We create innovative shapes and solutions, looking for and applying materials and colors in line with the latest trends of decors, in order to make the entrance a unique and welcoming part of your home. Exploring Oikos collections, its projects, trusting the company values and design with endless possibilities. These custom solutions for entry doors will give high personality to the entrance architecture and will make whole your project.